Immediately following the events of “Enter The Inquisitor”, Jadd, Kandra and Nyle found themselves with a young Human named Vono. Unsure of what to do with him and thinking he’s probably Force-sensitive, they return to Thaan to the submersible carrier to weigh their options. After arrival, Kandra has to leave to make another run. Jadd and Nyle are given information by Riall about the former resistance group known as Whiplash, which Riall was once a part of, and the “Underground Mag-Lev” network that existed to move Jedi and other political undesirables out of the Core after the Clone Wars. Riall directed them to Nowlan’s Port on Sandimar, a small Mid Rim planet where he once had a contact (a “conductor”) who could move “passengers”. Denny and Ry’Skyn joined them.

After arriving on-planet, they followed Riall’s contact instructions, left a signal at a designated drop site, and waited several days for the conductor to appear so that they could approach them. After a few days, a Human male who gave the right signals showed up at the designated location, an outdoor tapcafe. Jadd went to make direct contact while Nyle played backup. Just after Jadd started to talk to them, another Human male warned Nyle that the drop had been compromised and Jadd was in danger. He told Nyle to follow him and left the tapcafe for a nearby alley; Nyle followed. Shortly after, Jadd’s conversation partner gave a signal, and a patrol speeder dropped out of the sky and disgorged a squad of stormtroopers as four black-clad purge troopers stormed out of a nearby building.

Nyle quietly took out one of the stormtroopers with a distraction. The stormtrooper closest to Jadd’s table was directed to put him in binders; when Jadd resisted, a skirmish ensued. Jadd and Nyle took out several of the stormtroopers between them and forced the Human who had been sitting at the table to flee. Meanwhile, the other Human took out the purge troopers in hand-to-hand combat, before clearing out the patrol speeder. Jadd joined him and they took off, with Nyle using his jetpack to meet them in the air. A few blocks away, Jadd set the speeder down in a controlled crash and the group fled on foot to their ship.

Once at the ship, the human introduced himself as Gabe and asked to meet the intended “passenger”, assuming it was Denny. He was introduced to Vono and started working with him as Jadd lifted off. A patrol of TIE fighters swept in close but, after scanning the ship, allowed them to depart without issue. Gabe stated that Vono’s ability with the Force was strong enough that he’d need training in order to hide it, and gave Jadd a series of hyperdrive jump vectors to follow. The path took the ship through the Outer Rim Territories, through Wild Space and into the Unknown Regions, until at last they reached a small green planet. Gabe guided them to a small settlement where a handful of simply-dressed individuals waited.

They set down and Gabe emerged first, greeting the Vultan woman – Danen – at the front of the group. They shared a brief, quiet conversation and then invited the PC group to join them in a meal, and introduced Vono around. Afterwards, the small group packed their things into an old freighter that was stored nearby. Gabe led the PC group back to their ship, asking for passage back so he could talk to Riall.