Following last adventure, Jadd was taken into custody by the Bha’lir to determine if he’d killed his crew, as Denn was claiming.

Jadd was held in a small outbuilding near the Black Dust Tavern, where the Bha’lir hunter Jysa Skyrider and a few others stood an informal guard over both him and Denn. They wound up playing sabacc late into the night.

The next day, Jadd was taken to a larger building nearby for the the “trial”, where several Bha’lir members (and Nyle and Wick) were in attendance. Several witnesses (including Jadd’s friend Dace Darryn, Dazo Breen, and Jysa) spoke about seeing Jadd and his odd behavior at Exovar’s (1.3 “Questions and Answers”), the encounter between Jadd and Denn on the Lady of Epsi Nadir (1.5 “Reckonings”), and how Jadd prevented the Bha’lir hunters from taking Denn into custody at the Broken Tusk (1.12 “‘Dool’ing Ambitions”). The final person to testify was Denn Morgass, who accused Jadd of killing his crew and then blaming Denn after their partnership went bad. As evidence, he showed a holovid supposedly taken from his/Nyle’s helmet, which he claimed he had equipped with a holocamera.

The holovid showed about 20 seconds of footage, apparently shot from the perspective of a person approaching the Drunken Druyza‘s landing site on Cire. It showed Jadd drawing his blaster and shooting from behind both his Pilot, Sokraa Atareen, and his Apprentice, Kor Sandshear. After the holovid winked out, there was a moment of silence and then the room erupted into a host of raised voices. Cull Sandshear called for Jadd to be immediately subject to Retribution (the Bha’lir’s adopted Socorran edict that was basically “an eye for an eye”) for the killing of his son. Jadd denied everything and tried to explain to Cull that the vid was faked. Karl Ancher sent a copy of the vid to Cjaalysce’l, to be verified by Caelli-Merced technicians there. When the senior Bha’lir present (and presumably the Tribunal) couldn’t come to an agreement fast enough, Dazo Breen challenged Jadd to a duel, and Jadd accepted. It would take place the following day, at high noon at the Judges of the Dead in the Doaba Badlands.

Following the challenge and acceptance, the crowd broke up slowly and went their various ways. Jadd introduced his new friends to some of his old friends, including Dace, and they strategized for a bit. It was decided that Wick should return to the ship to “swap” his repair droid body for his battle droid body. As he was returning to the ship to do so, Wick passed Jadd’s mentor, Alrey Saycro, in the street, and he advised the droid to “look into Dazo Breen”.

In custody, Jadd went to talk to Denn, who was being held in the same building. Denn was full of his usual bluster, but as he talked he tapped his ear and put a finger to his lips. Jadd misinterpreted this and quipped “Say hello to Senna for me,” which was met with a look of consternation from Denn and Senna’s arrival shortly after. She and Jadd traded barbs for a while as they settled in for a long night.

Nyle and Wick eventually met Dace in the Black Dust Tavern, and it was decided that Dace would show them where Dazo’s estate was, and they’d try to search it for any clues to what Alrey was talking about. They set out on speeder bikes, arriving a few hours later at twilight. It was decided to park the speeder bikes a little distance away and proceed on foot, just in case – which turned out to be wise, since the estate had armed guards. Nyle infiltrated the compound, with Wick acting as his spotter and Dace providing a distraction at the front door. Nyle was successful in silently incapacitating several of the guards but was discovered by the Echani warrior, Entana Javik, who engaged him in close combat. They were well-matched, but Nyle eventually prevailed and knocked the young Echani unconscious.

The searchers found the estate empty but a landing pad at the rear had lights on and appeared to have activity. There, the group discovered – Dazo Breen, who they thought they’d left at Vakeyya, working on his Old Republic-era starship restoration project. He seemed confused by their presence there, and initially thought they were part of the group of guards. Once he figured out that they weren’t, he tried to summon help, but Nyle and Wick had already knocked out or otherwise incapacitated all of the guards.

-some events played here but revised for later play on 8.11.21-

1.12.b – 8.11.21

As the sun moved towards high noon, Dace, Nyle and Wick raced across the Doaba Badlands in Dazo’s ship to stop the duel. Dazo confessed that the one impersonating him at Vakeyya was named Maro Dakovis.

At the Judges of the Dead, the sun was nearly at its apex. Jadd and Dazo took their places on the hot sand, facing one another, with hundreds of Bha’lir and Socorrans watching, as well as the freshly-arrived Denny and Ry’Skyn. As they waited to start the duel, the dull roar of ship engines was heard – Nyle, Wick and Dace arriving with Dazo Breen. After they landed, they explained that the “Dazo Breen” Jadd was facing was actually an imposter named Maro Dakovis who had been impersonating Breen for some time. Dakovis lost his composure and cursed at Breen, noting that all he had to do was make up a story, and that all of his hard work had come to nothing because of Breen’s weakness. (And complained that the hot, dry desert was awful for his skin.) Alrey and Ancher stepped forward and declared that Dakovis had violated aa’kua. Dazo went for his blaster.

Jadd then drew and fired, the fastest he’d ever done, and shot the rising blaster out of Maro’s hand, to Maro’s stunned surprise. As he dropped the pistol, his features shifted momentarily into those of a humanoid lizard: he was a Clawdite, a little-known race of shapeshifters. Ancher solemnly explained that the Clawdite would be subject to the Bha’lir’s Retribution, and then signaled to Jadd. Jadd shot and killed him.

Meanwhile, Wick had scanned Denn and found a receiver embedded in him, and found the linked transmitter elsewhere in the crowd held by Senna Cohl, who was inconspicuous at the back. Wick moved to Denn’s side and broadcast a jamming frequency, and assured the man he was in no further danger. Denn immediately recanted his prior testimony and announced to all those assembled that he would explain “everything as long as you can get me free of her”. Senna moved out of the crowd to the front. After several unsuccessful attempts by Wick to scan her, he and Nyle scanned her together, finding between them that she had extensive cybernetic augmentations, embedded weapons and an effective sensor mask for them that prevented most scans.

Senna’s control and manipulation of Denn, as well as the implied threat to both Jadd and the entire Bha’lir organization that was posed by her whole scheme, meant that she had violated aa’kua as well. However, as Nyle and Jadd both held off from engaging her, the crowd did as well, save for one Bha’lir who attempted to take her into custody. She quickly ended his life with a point-blank shot from the blaster embedded in her right palm, not giving anyone else a chance to react.

At a stalemate, Senna attempted to provoke a reaction from Jadd, but before she could a rise out of him, the air above the Judges shimmered and a large black starship appeared. Jadd recognizes the ship as a J-type Nubian design, which he thought had only been manufactured for Naboo royalty. Unlike Naboo designs, however, this one was not clad in chromium, but a black, shiny metal somewhat similar to Nyle’s beskar’gam. The ship dropped silently to a landing on the black sand.

A ramp opened in the bottom of the ship and two human males stepped down, one of whom Nyle recognized as the man who he met with at the Bespin Royal Casino (1.2 “Retribution”). He looked at Nyle and winked. Following them, a well-dressed human female made her way down the ramp. As she spoke, her words were amplified across the entire area: “Senna, I’ve indulged this vendetta of yours for long enough. It’s no longer profitable, and so I’m shutting it down.” Senna responded with a snarl and a shake of her head, to which the woman smacked her hip and called “Senna,” as she might’ve called an errant pet. Senna went to her, with a last glare for the assembled Bha’lir and one in particular for Denny. After she stepped up the ramp, the woman took a few steps forward and made eye contact. “Mr. Sunseri.” “Mr. Maase.” She then turned and went back up the ramp. Before striding up the ramp, the man from the Royal Casino looks at Nyle, and his features shift momentarily into those of Alrey Saycro, after which he gave a jaunty nod and wave. The ship lifted off smoothly and silently, and with a shimmer and the barest hint of engine noise, it disappeared.

Jadd’s standing in the Black Bha’lir was restored; improved, even, as Jadd was now “bloodied” in their service. Cull Sandshear apologized for thinking the worst of him.


Denn answers questions put to him, and his role in the entire scheme is largely forgiven, as he had little agency while under Senna’s control (and had attempted to warn Jadd, even though he was misinterpreted). The Bha’lir remove his implants and he’s allowed to leave Socorro unmolested as long as he vows to steer clear of the Bha’lir.