Reuss VIII:

Nyle and Zul rejoin the group, and Zul and Raen leave. Shortly after, the Black Bha’lir’s hunters arrive and let Jadd know that his presence is requested by the Tribunal to answer questions about Denn and Jadd’s behavior regarding him, as well as the events at Cire that lead to the deaths of Sokraa Atareen and Kor Sandshear.

The group decided to make contact with Denny and Riall over the Holonet to consider their next moves, and headed for Exovar’s on Neftali to have a drink in the meantime. Jadd contacted Denn in an attempt to get some questions answered.

Neftali – Exovar’s:

At Exovar’s, after the biological PCs had a few drinks, Denn showed up. He explained how he got into crime, met Gutter, put a group together and started doing jobs. It was after he approached a criminal syndicate to do work for them that he got involved with Nyle. Denn told Nyle that the ambush on Nyle where he took his armor was just an attack of opportunity where he saw a moment to get ahead, and halfheartedly apologized. He also explained to Jadd that it had been Sarnailbu who had initiated the the attack on Jadd and his crew, and that he hadn’t been involved.

After that attack, it seemed that the syndicate didn’t want anything more to do with Denn’s group and they were cut loose; shortly afterwards, the PCs ambushed their group at Tibannopolis and killed most of them. Denn was later approached by the woman he called “The Stiletto”, who the PCs know as Senna Cohl. Denn said that “the Stiletto” explained to him that Nyle and Jadd were now gunning for him, and she could offer him advantages and support. After agreeing to her proposal, Denn and Gutter were both given cybernetic augmentations, and introduced to the Echani Entana Thule as part of his new “crew”. They did a number of jobs together before the fight at the Broken Tusk.

Denn finished eating and left, citing a “prior engagement”.


The group made the decision to travel to Jadd’s homeworld immediately to face the Tribunal, rather than waiting. Landing at Boliscon Towers, the reception was muted, to say the least – until they arrived at the Black Dust Tavern. There, a group of senior Bha’lir were gathered around… Denn Morgass, who gave Jadd a shrug and a smirk. Karl Ancher stood up and announced, “Desjardin Sunseri, you are being formally held for Retribution.” Jadd was led away by Bha’lir members.