While Nyle and Zul were having some personal time, Wick and Jadd discovered that Anissa was studying droid engineering and construction, and Wick agreed to let her take a look at his droid bodies. Along with Raen, Kara and Kael, they returned to the Dayman so that Anissa could investigate and see what Wick was (literally) made of. She disassembled the battle droid, tracing all of its components and determining their functions, as well as (unsuccessfully) attempting to determine where they were made. As the task dragged on into the next day, most of the rest of the group got bored and wandered off to catch up on sleep. Anissa finally collapsed into one of the escape pods and slept for several hours while (repair droid) Wick got to work disassembling the dysfunctional droid that he acquired from Nyle’s fight. By the time Anissa awoke, Wick had completely disassembled the droid into parts, installed both manipulator hands onto his battle droid and was working to make space for the upgraded sensor arrays. Anissa pitched in to help.

While this was going on, Jadd and Raen left to get a meal and pick up some small items, including a droid-controlled remote repulsorcam to be installed on Wick.

Once they were done working on the battle droid, Wick transferred into it and the process of disassembly, investigation and reassembly repeated with the repair droid. When she was completed, she shared her findings with Wick and the others:

  • Both droids have hypercomm antennae.
  • Wick’s battle droid has no droid brain of its own, just some very simple processors. It has to be controlled remotely.
  • Wick’s repair droid, on the other hand, has a droid brain and can in theory function independently.
  • The ship has a droid brain as well, in addition to powerful hypercomm transceivers that let it send and receive transmissions.
  • In theory, Wick can control more than one droid at a time. In practice, there seems to be something blocking that.