On the day of Nyle and Denn’s scheduled match, the PCs travelled to the planet Reuss VIII to the Broken Tusk. Once there, Jadd remarked on what a mess the planet has become since he’d last been there in the days of the Republic, when it was an idyllic agriworld.

There was some difficulty in finding a landing space near to the Tusk. When they arrived at the Tusk, they found a large banner over the front entrance advertising that night’s fight as “MANDO vs. MANDO!” with stylized illustrations of Nyle’s current helmet as well as the one Denn was wearing. Inside, they met with Greel, one of the two Gamorrean owners. Unlike most Gamorreans, he was slender and could speak Basic with the help of a voice synthesizer. He showed Nyle and the others the “Dool Arena”, the lowered pit at the center of the Broken Tusk, and explained the rules (“no ranged weapons”) and details like where Nyle could change. He also noted that several others had offered to fight the winner and offered to set up those fights “for a small fee”.

Not trusting the Tusk’s staff, Nyle stripped out of his durasteel armor before the fight and left it with Wick’s battle droid. As Nyle was preparing for the fight in one of the changing rooms, his “coach” arrived and was let in by Greel: Mandalorian Zul Davum. She berated Nyle briefly for not telling her about the fight, gave him an earpiece and a gentle kov’nynUpstairs in the bar area, fellow Mandalorian Raen found Jadd and Wick in the increasingly large crowd and clued them into their com frequency as well. Nyle tucked a vibroblade into his boot as an emergency measure.

The Fight:
Nyle’s beskar armor had been suspended from one side of the five-meter high plasteel walls as a reminder of what the fight was all about. Drums announced the start of the fight, during which Greel was lowered into the pit by his brother Gorge, where he announced the fighters. The doors to the Dool Arena opened, Nyle and Denn both emerged and Greel was raised out of the pit. Zul and Raen commented that it looked like Denn had recently had some surgery, and confirmed with scans that he had cybernetic implants installed.

Denn came out to the center of the ring and put his hand out for Nyle to shake. Looking somewhat strained, he enigmatically apologized for the circumstances that had led the two of them there. Greel announced that they should begin, and the two fighters began to circle one another, feinting and testing. After a few moments of that, Denn moved in with a strong attack. He caught Nyle a solid blow, and the fight was on. It quickly became apparent that Denn favored a strong punch with a quick follow-up, where Nyle’s style favored quick kicks and then moving out of range.

While the two tested each other, the rest of the group was scanning the crowd. They found Gutter (the Dazouri) and Entana Javik (the Echani) from previous encounters with Denn, and surprisingly Senna Cole was present with them. They saw Senna take some kind of actuator from a pocket and activate it. As a result, Denn’s attacks became more frenzied and stronger, if less accurate, but he managed to land several strong hits on Nyle before he could disengage.

Jadd and Wick made their way to where Senna was watching the fight, and Jadd attempted to engage with her and get her to stop whatever she was doing to Denn. Senna largely ignored his attempts at discussion. As the fight continued, Senna had Entana throw two vibroblades into the center of the ring, at which the crowd yelled encouragement.

Denn warily skirted the vibroblades. Nyle darted into the center of the ring, grabbed them, and threw them out of the ring towards his allies, which met with a nod from Denn and a disgusted sigh from Senna, who disengaged her actuator. In the pit, Denn’s eyes cleared and he grew less frenzied in his movements, but the withdrawal of assistance and the long fight took its toll, and his movements quickly became tired. After Denn missed his next attack, Nyle knocked him to his knees, and he was not able to rise. After a failed attempt, he tapped out. Seeing this, Senna grew disgusted and moved away from the pit as the crowd roared.

The Brawl After the Fight:
After Denn’s tap-out, Nyle moved over to his armor, hanging from the side. As he did so, a large Togorian dropped into the pit and bellowed a challenge. Moments later, a group of four humans also dropped in on rocket boots and surrounded Denn. The crowd began to boo, and when someone yelled out “They’re trying to steal the armor!” all hell broke loose.

Raen had earlier estimated that at least 90% of the crowd was armed, and it quickly became apparent that many of them had no qualms about using them.  Random shots rang out from all over, a large group of Ganks quickly started blasting away at an equally-large group of Nikto mercenaries, Gutter transformed into his rage form with a bellow, and the rest of the crowd took cover. The Gamorrean security staff tried in vain to restore order as Zul and Raen dropped into the pit on their jet packs to cover Nyle while he grabbed his armor and ducked into one of the pit’s feeder tunnels. Gutter threw several crowd members out of the way as he thundered towards Denn, dropping into the pit, followed by Entana, Jadd, and the Gamorrean bouncer Gorge. Gutter struck one of the four around Denn, throwing him across the floor of the arena to smack with a sickening thud into the far plasteel wall. Wick dropped onto Gutter’s back with his vibroblade extended as Gorge struck at him with a full-strength blow from the vibromallet he carried – the two blows were too much for even the Dazouri and he crumpled to the floor of the Dool Arena.

Jadd approached the group around Denn and was met by one of them throwing a coin at him, a coin with a distinctive bha’lir devouring a hutt worm: they were Black Bha’lir hunters. After a moment of shock, Jadd, Entana and Gorge forced the remaining hunters away from Denn, and they retreated out of the pit. As they went, one of the females let Jadd know that “the Tribunal will be told of this.” Two more Mandalorians – Raen’s son Kael and his girlfriend, Anissa Wokr – dropped out of the crowd and formed a line with Zul and Raen, protecting Nyle, and noted that they had another in an overwatch position. They watched as another, unknown-to-them Mandalorian emerged from the darkness at the fringes of the bar, dropped several attackers with weapons from his armor, and then ducked back into the shadows.

As more Gamorrean security came pouring in through the entrances, Nyle emerged wearing his beskar armor, and the fight largely died away. After, an enthusiastic Bosphuraq greeted Jadd, thanked him for another highly entertaining encounter, and exhorted him to “get together and do this more often!” The bar cleared out as Jadd collected his winnings – he had bet on Nyle – and the group of Mandalorians (plus Kara Brin, who had been in overwatch) and the PCs shared a few drinks in celebration. Eventually talk turned to the cybernetics in Denn and whether Senna had been controlling him, and Anissa and Wick went to find where the staff had dumped his corpse to see if he had similar cybernetics. It turned out that he had.