Following the events of “The Librarian”, Riall accompanied the PCs on a search of various locations in the Outer Rim and Wild Space in an attempt to find a suitable base for their nascent resistance movement. Several locations were scouted and dismissed, either as not immediately ready or not suitable. They had to leave one system in a hurry due to pirate activity.

Upon arrival in the Traanis system, they descended to the surface of Thaan. They found a crashed Clone Wars-era LAAT on a beach at low tide, and landed to investigate. While looking around, Nyle noticed something unusual in the water, and after scanning it with the Dayman’s sensors, they had discovered a submersible that was aground just under the surface. After some investigation, Wick was able to open an airlock and the group entered, finding that the vessel was slightly bow-down and without power and that most of the interior bulkheads had been left open.

Most of the interior was found to be stripped, and the remaining furniture and equipment was scattered around as if the ship had had a bumpy ride. The group reached a large interior bulkhead door that had additional braces welded onto it, and it was sealed shut. Wick’s sensors couldn’t penetrate the bulkhead and the entire area beyond gave him an odd feeling in his circuits. The group split at that point, with Jadd and Riall taking a nearby stairwell upward and Nyle and Wick heading down. Jadd and Riall found the ship’s bridge, and Nyle and Wick discovered a large storage or cargo bay and the engine room, where Wick was able to restore power.

Once the power was back on and the ship’s interior lights came up, Wick and Nyle could see a large lift in the cargo bay that had gotten jammed at the level of the deck above. Reasoning that they might be able to gain access to the sealed compartment, they were able to bring the lift down to where they could access it, and then headed back up. Once they came to the level of the main deck, Wick went inert, and the lift jammed again. Nyle was able to see that the interior of the main deck that the lift took them to was a dimly lit cargo or hangar bay that had seen heavy fighting, and had several corpses strewn about.

When the lift stalled and Wick dropped, communication between the two groups was also cut off, so Jadd left Riall on the bridge and went to investigate. He eventually found the same controls for the lift and lowered it, causing Wick to immediately revive. Wick shared with the others that he had found himself back in the ship in the meantime. Jadd and Nyle took the lift back up to continue investigating, leaving Wick at the controls.

In the main hangar bay, they found debris from several destroyed small spacecraft or repulsorcraft, a number of dead clone troopers from the start of the Clone Wars, what appeared to be a few dead Jedi and some inert droids. They found an odd sort of mesh attached to the walls and ceiling of the bay, and located a faintly-pulsing device at the center of the bay. Nyle reasoned that this was what was causing Wick difficulty and smashed it. Before that, the two also heard something moving elsewhere in the bay. After the device was smashed, they caught a glimpse of a large droid moving quietly at the far side of the bay, using debris for cover.

Once Nyle smashed the device, Wick realized that the feeling in his circuits had disappeared, and moved upwards into the hangar. Nyle and Jadd moved closer to the droid; Nyle covering it with his blaster and Jadd trying to reassure it that they weren’t threats to it. Shortly after Wick arrived in the bay, the droid’s unusual photoreceptors changed color and it snarled at Nyle and Jadd and ran up the side of the bay wall. It proceeded to smash out most of the remaining lights in the hangar bay; Nyle took a few shots at it and missed, and Jadd tried to herd it away from the remaining lights with blaster fire. It disappeared for a moment into the darkness of the far side of the hangar, away from the lift, and started mocking Wick with a raspy voice: “Little repair droid…”

A few moments later, Nyle and Jadd heard a sound neither had heard in almost two decades: the distinctive igniting of a lightsaber. The droid continued to address Wick as “little repair droid” while swinging the lightsaber around and slowly advancing on him. Wick acted like a subservient repair unit, confusing the droid; he was able to see that the droid’s photoreceptors changed from yellow to red and back again as the controlling intelligence lost and gained access.

Just as it looked like Wick might have completely convinced him, he snarled a “No!” and raised the lightsaber to cut Wick down. Jadd and Nyle fired, with Jadd’s blast destroying the lightsaber and damaging the droid, and Nyle’s follow-up shot completing the damage and disabling it. The droid crashed to the floor and activated a fail-safe, causing the group to retreat as it blew itself up.

The group was ultimately able to restore lighting to the hangar bay and repair the submersible enough that a subsequent mission should be able to recover it without having to wait for low tide again.