Following the skirmish with the Ganks in Mos Espa, the PCs returned to Fort Tusken. Upon their arrival, they see that it has become much more crowded, with the area around the Fort hosting several light freighters, a few starfighters, and a mid-sized transport, as well as several tents and other outdoor shelters. Riall came out to meet them as they landed, reiterating (as he had said in the last episode) that the Fort was outgrowing their needs. He noted that they’d had several skirmishes with Tuskens and a swoop gang had come by for a look and suggested that he had a potential job for them. Wick asked if that meant that they worked for Riall, as they seemed to be doing a lot of work for him.

That comment prompted a private discussion among the PCs about what their goals were, with Jadd being on board with helping the budding resistance group, Nyle being reluctant and Wick just wanting clarity. As the conversation wound down, Riall appeared and let Wick know that there was someone in the Fort’s library who might be able to shed some light on his background and that Denny was looking for Jadd.

Wick went to the library which was occupied by an overweight, balding human in an ill-fitting Republic military uniform. When Wick tried to engage him in conversation, he responded with non-sequiturs, irritating Wick and causing him to leave. On his way to look for Denny, Jadd ran into Wick and they determined to try again. Jadd was successful in capturing the man’s attention and he began to study Wick.

Finding the group of PCs in the library, Denny pulled them into a meeting with her mother, Riall and General Tallon. The PCs have a lot of experience that General Tallon and the senior Rinshala didn’t want to lose, so they wanted to formally offer the PCs a position within their new resistance that included support and a better idea of structure. (The human man in the library was also identified by General Tallon as Pierce Dralyn.)  Denaris would ultimately make strategic decisions for the group, but tactical decisions in the moment would be decided by the person with the appropriate expertise.

That night after both of Tatooine’s suns had set, Riall found and woke Jadd and Nyle with news that motion detectors he’d planted on the perimeter had been set off by someone leaving, heading down the canyon where the Fort is located. They picked up Wick from the Dayman and went off in pursuit in another speeder. After a quarter hour or so, they heard shots from a Tusken cycler rifle ahead of them, stopped the speeder and continued on foot.

They found the speeder crashed and burning and Tuskens continuing to fire. They snuck closer and were almost discovered by some searching Tuskens, but remained unseen. Rather than force a conflict, they waited for the Tuskens to leave. The next morning, they found the burnt-out wreck of the speeder and the body of a Devaronian who had been looted by the Tuskens, leaving nothing of use behind.