After the revelations of last game, the group decided to return to Tatooine to touch base with those at Fort Tusken. Arriving on the planet, they found that a sandstorm was sweeping into Fort Tusken, so Riall asked them to delay landing and pick up some supplies in Mos Espa.  After landing in Mos Espa, they checked in with the supplier and found out that he’d need an hour or so to have their supplies ready, due to customers being ahead of them. Nyle and Jadd decided to check out a local weapons store, and Ry’Skyn, Wick and Denny waited outside of the supplier’s. Shortly after, a gang of Ganks showed up on the street and began harassing passers-by. When one of them put hands on Ry’Skyn, she reacted violently. The PCs made short work of the gang and their reinforcements. They were lauded as heroes by the townspeople and collected a reward, while escaping official notice from the Mos Espa police force thanks to Jadd’s quick wits.