In between games:

Denny convinced Jadd that because the stormtroopers had surrendered to them, they were the PCs responsibility rather than the Dresselians (or Bothans). The stormtrooper commander agreed to parole his troops in exchange for safe conduct to another world where they could get passage back to the Empire, and trusted Nyle’s honor as a Mandalorian to see that it happened.

In game:

After dropping off the stormtroopers, the group took Nyle’s friend Zul Davam up on her invitation to join her with the Most Honourable Guild of Armourers’ annual liner trip to the Outer Rim. They met up with the Lady of Epsi Nadir and began to check out the exhibits, with Zul acting as tour guide and host. Almost immediately, Nyle was alerted to the presence of Denn Morgass from the tracker Zul had placed on him, and they encountered him in an exhibit hall shortly thereafter. Black Bha’lir members Dace Darryn and Dazo Breen witnessed the encounter and heard mention of their “truce deal”, and questioned Jadd on it: Dace as a friend, Dazo as a rival.

Shortly after, Denny heard something that caused her to turn white and abruptly leave. Following her, Jadd saw Denny watching a demonstration of exhibitor Strategic Security Logistics’ Centurion power armor, at the end of which the operator removed her helmet. She locked eyes with Denny and then abruptly turned and left. Denny followed her, and Jadd followed Denny.
They caught up to each other in a hallway off of the main exhibition areas, where Jadd overheard part of a conversation leading to the woman in power armor (called “Senna” by Denny) picking Denny up by her neck and promising to destroy her life “as you destroyed mine” while choking her. Jadd received similar (though less extreme) treatment when he attempted to intervene. Senna then dropped Denny, who crumpled to the floor, and left her there.
Jadd called the rest of the group to where he and Denny were, and Zul administered first aid. She determined that Denny’s larynx had been broken and she needed some time in bacta. After taking her to the liner’s medical bay and leaving Ry’Skyn and Zul there to watch over her, the PCs went to finish their shopping.

While in the droid section, an exhibitor grew very excited at the sight of Wick (in his repair droid body) and asked if he was a manumitted (“a free droid”) or in service to someone. When Wick responded with confusion, the exhibitor tried to convince him that he was very valuable and that someone would want to meet with him. Shortly after, a representative from the Guild arrived and explained to Wick (and Nyle and Jadd) that Wick was one of a very limited run of droid models and that of the 12 manufactured, all but 2 had been accounted for. He further explained that there was a collector or collectors very interested in meeting with Wick and offering him employment of some kind. After Wick declined, the Guild member left his contact information on a data chip should Wick ever change his mind.

The group then made their weapons purchases and returned to the medical bay, where Denny had come out and was okay. She did not feel like talking to anyone right away and the group made its way back to the Dayman.