Sneaking onto Dressel in a group of asteroids, the Dayman and Lasraac’s N1 starfighter were detected by a TIE fighter patrol. Lasraac jammed their coms and the two ships took out the TIEs before they were able to alert any backup.

On Dressel:

Lasraac directed the Dayman to land in a clearing in a forest that turned out to be the middle of a Dresselian village. Emerging from the ship, the PCs were met by a Bothan, Morst Tayl’skar, who was leading the resistance here. The group covered the Dayman and N1 with camo tarps and unloaded their cargo, and then were introduced to Bothans Katri Aes’ria and Zersk Gun’skar, as well as Pennomaari, the only native Dresselian in the village to have learned any Basic. After a brief conversation, the group was preparing to leave when a Dresselian scout showed up. He reported that an Imperial ground patrol was nearby and heading towards a pass that lead to the village. Morst noted that while the tarps camouflaged the ships from the air, they’d be visible if the Imperials moved near the village, and that the villagers would suffer if that happened.
The PCs quickly joined the group of Dresselians and Bothans who were moving to ambush the patrol before it took the pass. After a furious battle where two storm skimmers, an AT-DP and several troopers were felled, the remaining troopers surrendered to the PCs.