As they were leaving Exovar’s Emporium, the group received a call from Riall, asking them to head to Kwenn Space Station to meet up with a contact of his who needed help. Kwenn, just outside of Hutt Space, was buzzing with Imperial ships and they had to undergo a customs scan just to get on the station.

On Kwenn:

After a brief questioning by a harried customs official (backed up by a Stormtrooper), the group headed to the Royal K Hotel & Casino to meet Riall’s contact, Lasraac. Lasraac hired them to take over for previously-hired smugglers, who hadn’t been able to complete his contract, which was to pick up some Clone Wars-era blasters and deliver them to Dressel. He left Jadd with a datachip outlining the details of the drop in case they’re separated – and of course, as they left the station, they were separated, with Lasraac ending up in a dogfight with TIE fighters.

The group headed towards the coordinates provided by Lasraac to make the pickup, which ended up being a Clone Wars-era medical station: Solace.

On Solace Station:

Having arrived at Solace Station, the group found that someone else arrived shortly after they did – slavers. While finding the blasters, they also found a group of slavers leading around a Twi’lek, who were trying to find parts to fix their hyperdrive. Wick, Ry’Skyn and Denny eliminated the first group of slavers they find, while Jadd joined them to take out a second group who heard the commotion caused by the first group.

The Twi’lek, Aayn’bana, revealed that she had sabotaged the slavers’ hyperdrive in an attempt to get both her and her sister, On’bana away from the slavers, but they wouldn’t let the sisters go looking for parts together. She revealed that the slavers had several more people enslaved and the group decided to take the slavers out.

After some reconnaissance, Denny and Aayn’bana snuck into the hangar bay where the slavers had docked their ships through the ventilation system. The rest of the group engaged the slavers, with Wick charging in and detonating a concussion grenade and Nyle picking off slavers from a vantage point above the main floor. Jadd and Denny deactivated the slave cage where the slavers were holding their captives as Wick, Nyle and Ry’Skyn worked their way through the slavers, killing most of them and incapacitating the rest.
The surviving slavers were bundled into the smaller of their two ships, a Sheathipede shuttle, and dumped out in space. The enslaved were given the rest of the slavers’ weapons and their remaining ship, and they left to return many of their group’s members to their homes and families.
Lasraac showed up shortly afterwards and apologized for getting separated.