On Socorro:

After landing in Jadd’s private bay at Boliscon Towers, the group met and was introduced to Benoni Ulte, the unofficial port manager. After travelling through Soco-Jarel spaceport and into Vakeyya (and noticing the intense heat), Jadd took them to the Black Sand Tavern and introduced them to Karl Ancher. Jadd left to deal with some business with his smuggling guild, and the rest of the group briefly toured Vakeyya. Some highlights included Ry’Skyn encountering another Coynite, Denaris being thrilled by the local Socorran tailrings, and Nyle trying the local Corellian Whisky (and subsequently buying some at the Ethra Brewery).

Jadd also set up Wick with Boliscon’s technicians to have some general maintenance work done on the Dayman, including installation of a new sensor rectenna.

On Neftali:


The group was directed to a hidden valley on the Socorran moon Neftali by Jadd. After entering a massive and disguised set of blast doors, transiting the kilometers-long Ion Alley and landing in the giant hangar/cavern that led Exovar’s Emporium, Wick detected an odd data “resonance” coming from inside. The group was introduced to the giant AT-AT head outside of the Emporium, and once inside, Jadd met with Exovar and Nyle recognized two old friends, Mandalorians Zul Davum and Raen Janrav.
Taken to their table, they discovered that Denn Morgass was already seated and eating, awaiting them. A barely-civil discussion turned into a loud argument, which led to Jadd denouncing Denn as an Imperial spy and a threat by Denn to blow up the table and those seated at it. Jadd was asked by Emporium security to stop making a scene and Denn revealed that his threat was an empty one, and that he’d been in conversation with the security droids previously.
In the meantime, Wick discovered that the resonance was coming from a battle droid’s maintenance mode, and he was able to tap into the droid’s system and take control. After meeting Exovar, Wick convinced him to deactivate the force fields around the battle droid – which was one of Exovar’s many trophies – and walked it back to the table where the rest of the group was seated.
Denn left, and Exovar led the group to a private room where Wick could repower the droid. Wick discovers that it was a Clone Wars-era battle droid manufactured in the Sypha Cluster by “Mankim”. Nyle had a further encounter with Denn in a corridor, where they agreed to a truce until they meet in the future for a duel.