Prior to the adventure:
Wick agrees to take the Rinshalas, their staff and General Tallon to Tallon’s home. Ryall (Rye) takes Nyle and Jadd to Karva Spaceport, where he had landed General Tallon’s ship, the Second Dawn, before the meeting. They discovered the ship was under observation, but were able to take off without incident. Once in space, Jadd discovered that someone had pickpocketed him, but instead of stealing something they had left a datapad. The datapad showed space/time coordinates for Bespin’s Cloud City, several days hence, and then wiped itself.

While in hyperspace, Rye and Nyle and Jadd discussed further the incidents that happened to Nyle and Jadd, identifying all of the participants as Denn Morgass and his crew (which included Transdoshans named Muggask and Gissk, an Aqualish named Que, a Dug named Sarnailbu – who was the one who shot Jadd, a Devaronian named Checonaax, and a small alien child referred to as “Gutter”).

Jadd spoke with Cull Sandshear, the father of his deceased Pilot and an influential member of the Black Bha’lir, and agreed to bring the Pilot’s body and his killer to Socorro.

During the adventure:
The Second Dawn and the Chunky Ithorian (Wick’s ship) separately arrived at Tatooine and were guided to Adar Tallon’s home, the renovated Fort Tusken. There, the group reunited, and the PCs were introduced to Tallon’s servants and a Ry’Skyn N’Skar, a Coynite bodyguard of the Rinshalas. After discussing the datapad and its implications, the PCs agreed to go to Cloud City to investigate, and were accompanied by Denaris and Ry’Skyn.

Once at Cloud City, Jadd and Wick went to the Bureau of Ships and Services on their way to investigate Port Town. There they discover that BoSS has no record of Wick’s ship, and they decided to register it in Jadd’s name as the Dayman. Meanwhile, Nyle, Ry’Skyn and Denaris went to the Bespin Royal Casino in an attempt to be noticed and draw out whatever had brought them there.

That attempt appeared to have succeeded, as Nyle was approached by a mysterious man who didn’t identify himself, but who offered Nyle (by name) the opportunity to recover his armor and for Jadd to recover his ship. He hinted to Nyle that he worked for the organization that employed Denn Morgass and his crew, and that they had been overzealous when attempting to kill both Nyle and Jadd and his crew, and further that neither killing was authorized by the organization. He offered Nyle an attempt at revenge in the form of a beacon and a location for the crew’s next pickup, on the derelict Tibannopolis platform on Bespin. In return, however, he asked that Nyle and Jadd consider everything to be square between them and that the two leave Denaris and her group behind.

The PCs traveled to Tibannopolis and set up an ambush. When Denn and his crew arrived, they set off the ambush and took out five of the crew immediately, with Wick and Denaris using the Dayman to prevent them from taking off in Jadd’s ship. Denn – wearing Nyle’s armor – shoved Gutter to the ground, which seemingly triggered a transformation in the diminutive alien. It became a three-meter tall furred monster, which immediately attacked Ry’Skyn. Denn and Nyle traded a few shots while Jadd ran to his ship; seeing Jadd enter the ship, Denn triggered a detonator for a countdown timer.

Jadd then powered his ship through a cold start and attempted to fly the ship into Denn; the impact of the ship on the platform caused a collapse, which sent almost all of the survivors (as well as Jadd’s ship) into an uncontrolled fall into Bespin’s gravity. Wick was able to fly the Dayman and catch Ry’Skyn, but the detonation of Denn’s explosives caused Jadd to lose control of his ship, and he was forced to evacuate in an escape pod, crashing into and further damaging Tibannopolis. Denn and Gutter were seen to escape.