Jadd and Nyle were led, separately, to meet for the first time in Spraza’s, a restaurant on Zaan near the Rane Spaceport. Minutes after they met, a group showed up for their own private meeting in the back room, and Imperial Stormtroopers showed up shortly afterward to break up the meeting and arrest everyone. A firefight ensued, and Jadd and Nyle found themselves leaving with most of the rest of the group (minus the rambunctious pirate Bosphuraq).

They escaped pursuit in an airspeeder and landed in a clearing outside of the city. Introductions were made: the group was made up of General Adar Tallon, Riall Warren and Denaris “Denny” Rinshala, senator for Zaan. While discussing what just happened and what to do next, Jadd fell into an animal den that had been dug around a YT-1300 ship. Entering the ship, he and Nyle found a number of destroyed B1 battle droids and an inactive droid. Riall managed to active the droid, who introduced himself as Wick, and they excavated the ship.
Moments later, Denaris received a comm that her mother, retired Zaan senator Tenga Rinshala, had been arrested by Imperials on the other side of the world only moments earlier. Wick agreed to fly the entire group there, and once there, to help retrieve her mother from the Imperials. After a brief chase and gunfight resulting in the deaths of most of the Imperial troops, they recovered the former senator.